Easy Management of BYOD

In today’s world, nearly 75% of the workforce works remotely and it is time for every business organization to implement cost effective and user friendly measures such as BYOD strategy. BOYD (Bring your own device) is a very cost effective way for business houses to work with. If your business already is following such a strategy then you need effective BYOD security solutions to meet the evolving business requirements and the guidelines for corporate and end-user privacy.

Advanced IT can now future-proof the BYOD strategy in a cost effective and robust manner. Your business needs BYOD management in place so that the data that is being transferred is secure and safe on multiple device platforms.

How Can We help you with BYOD?

The ‘consumerization’ of IT industry is a phenomenon that refers to the transformation of information technology or IT entities into the consumer markets before they permeate into enterprises.

This has become the status quo of today’s IT industry because of employees getting used to the current day technology and the advanced devices that can be used at home and at workplaces as well. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept is now becoming the core of every business model for cost cutting and also for employee convenience. Nevertheless, BYOD has several advantages for employees and employers as well.

Why Advanced IT for BYOD Setup?

There are several reasons to consider a company like Advanced IT for BYOD security solutions. Here are some top features and advantages that you can get by partnering with us:

  • There is no learning curve for the employee because they are already used to their own device and they need not have additional training.
  • The business need not invest money in buying additional devices like laptops and other smart devices for their employees.
  • They can access corporate data from anywhere in the globe securely and even if they are using their personal devices. Employees can now have the option of working remotely and in a secure manner from their comfort zone.
  • A lot of companies have found that employees are more productive when they work in their own space instead of an office environment and this is a proven fact.  It is cost efficient for the company and also comfortable for the employee.


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