Intelligent CIO Consulting Services for your Business

Every single organization, irrespective of its size, needs a person who is in-charge of the IT department. Using Advanced IT CIO consulting services to lead the IT department can help you to reap the most from your investments in a strategic manner. OurCIO advisory services for business include managing the entire IT staff, budgeting, vendor management and assets. It also includes designing core IT processes, sourcing standards and procurement services. It provides knowledge specific insights that represent the organizations IT interest to the executive and board level teams.

Who we are?

Advanced IT is a virtual CIO advisory services for Business that starts by understanding the core business objectives and the key drivers of the business. We investigate the metrics for success, time constraints and also learn about the technical limitations and the requirements. Our experts forCIO consulting services bring in their operating experience and ensure your business enjoys support 24×7.

Our team understands the characteristics at the operational level for multiple IT platforms, the devices and the monitoring tools used. At Advanced IT, we provide a futuristic CIO consulting that is focused on increasing the business performance by leveraging the existing technology.

Why do you need Advanced IT?

Advanced IT CIO consulting services provides the business with a senior executive that serve as an IT advisor and as a CIO. The CIO is someone who is from an IT background and possesses knowledge about a range of IT platforms and technologies. Your business can benefit of having someone who brings in years of IT experience in diverse IT environments without having to pay for an in-house CIO.

Here are some key points for your consideration:

  • Our CIO consultants can determine the state of maturity of your business and align them with your business objectives.
  • He or she will assist you in client end service issues, focus on increasing sales and revenue and also organize the company’s processes and overall structure.
  • CIO will explore opportunities and identify areas for improvement.

Advanced IT is based in Santa Clara, CA and provides IT services. We have been serving the business community of the Silicon Valley for more than a decade now, since 2003. We help business’s meet the growing IT demands by placing a knowledgeable CIO consultant to manage their business more cost effectively. If you are looking for CIO consulting services for your business or venture capital, give us a call so that we could discuss more.

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