The Best VoIP Systems for Your Business

The core technology behind all business communications is VoIP (Voice over IP) systems.  A wide variety of additional capabilities are available for VoIP with vast number of differences. There are many providers for VoIP and choosing the right one is often complicated. When you choose Advanced IT for VOIP phone systems for business, we help you find the right platform for your organization.

What Does Advanced IT do?

Advanced IT provides a wide range of IT solutions that can fit all types of businesses including small businesses. Our small business VoIP services and solutions are tailor-made for the particular business situation and complex business models.

We deeply examine your company’s current phone solution and make a comprehensive assessment of its capabilities, cost of running it and its overall performance. We also consult your existing IT team and understand in what ways they are using the phone systems. We identify nodes for improvement and also remove the pain areas.

The Benefits of Advanced IT VoIP Solutions

VoIP is mainly used for integration the heart and the core of a business model. It is a futuristic technology that can save costs and also open up several more opportunities for your business. However, the backbone of any VoIP solution is the internet connectivity. Here are some of the advantages of choosing Advanced IT, one of the most reputable VoIP service providers in Sacramento.

  • You can have a network with vast cloud based infrastructure across the globe with several features and effective business communication capabilities. You can now use an integrated business model without shelling out too much.
  • Get the benefits of built-in team collaboration and apps. You can get comprehensive VoIP calling, messaging and also video conference facilities. The VoIP technology provides a long list of CRM integrated facilities.
  • Make use of our friendly VOIP phone systems for business along with flexible pricing. Along with it you get a plethora of features which are out-of-the-box and innovative. It is easy to setup and has mobile and desktop capabilities.
  • Enjoy more than 99% uptime compared to any other system with low cost investment.
  • You can make use of impressive array of administrative features and different calling functionalities. Enjoy a wide range of features along with intuitive mobile applications and better API integration.

No matter what your business VoIP needs are and how you want the VoIP to be setup, give us a call to discuss.


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