The Right Database Administration for your Business

Many businesses see data management as a small and menial add-on chore and often ignore the seriousness of it. At Advanced IT, we see database management as a core administration process and are the very basic foundation of what determines the credibility of the business. Protecting business core data is very important in the current day internet driven world. We offer database administration services that are on parwith any otherservices being offered in the industry.

We have maintained an image as the go-to DBA support services across IT platforms in CA. We only hire seasoned professionals and experts who can deliver the required results for businesses with years of technical experience. With us as your partner, you get highly qualified and skilled DBAs (database administrators) and other skilled IT workers who have proven, tested and established business acumen along with IT knowledge.

What are the Benefits of Choosing us?

Advanced IT is one of the best DBA consulting companies that has been serving the IT community for more than a decade. Your business can get a lot of advantages by hiring us for our outstanding database managed services. Here are some advantages of choosing us as your IT database management partner.

  • We are flexible for consulting for various setups, whether it is short term or an on-going business project. Our teams are available for day-to-day support like assessments and upgrades or even ad-hoc jobs.
  • We are not rigid about the SOP’s or contractual agreements and can go beyond that for client service needs. We are strongly focused on the investment and the management aspects and our services are unparalleled to any other company that provide database services.
  • Our service platform is one of the most reliable in the industry and our suite of database monitoring software is designed to mitigate problems and our tech-enabled tools deliver high quality performance.
  • For more than 15 years we have been delivering industry specific database security for online and offshore models of business. We not only solve the problems at the domestic level but also at the offshore level for several businesses.
  • We are flexible, reliable, and secure and also performance oriented and in a nutshell we offer everything that your organization demands.

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