A comprehensive solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Network issue, man-made errors, natural calamities, and power outages are all the reasons behind system downtime. To keep the impact of these disruptions minimal, Advanced IT offers you complete business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Our experts ensure that your data is always available as and when needed. In case there is a loss of primary data, we will make a replica of the same available to you on a secondary site and initiate the recovery process at the earliest.

How will robust business continuity and disaster recovery solutions benefit you? 

  • Assured Availability: Hardware tends to fail unannounced many times. To ensure that your applications continue to run smoothly even in such a condition, you would require robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution. 
  • Lower unpredictability: Data replication and frequent testings help to make sure that your systems are safeguarded even when some disaster occurs. 
  • Predictable spending: Efficiently functioning infrastructure, automation, and familiar tools effectively minimize spending without negotiating with safeguards.

You need to account for more than just backup 

Your work does not get over just be creating a recoverable and resilient IT environment. You will have to redefine and test its resiliency from time to time to cope up with the dynamic IT and business scenarios. What this takes is looking beyond just backup.

Having a functional copy of your environment is enough to recover application, data, servers, and workloads post an event that causes disruption. However, to ensure the availability and protection of data, resiliency needs to be made a part of the production environment.

At Advanced IT, our experts are dedicated to helping clients move from backup to enhancing business resiliency. This way they can evaluate risk and suggest ways to mitigate the same. Owing to our considerable experience in IT production and disaster recovery, we are able to offer you our services throughout your hybrid IT model. 

How will we serve you? 

  • Customized solution – Complete business continuity and disaster recovery planning as per your specific requirements.
  • Easy backups – Performed from your server and loaded onto our backup server. During this time, our expert executives will monitor the backup work 24×7, restore data, modify configurations, and answer all your queries.
  • Data restoration – Forms the number one priority of our professionals. As soon as you place a request for restoration, we will get onto the job right from that moment itself. Completion of work will depend on the amount of information that needs to be restored.  


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