Secure Backup Services for your Business

Every organization is constantly generating data and it keeps increasing every day. The more the data is the more protection and security it needs and the primary step to take for any business is have a robust backup solution. Advanced IT puts some of the top players in charge and offers the best remote backup services.

A statistical report indicated that nearly 60% of companies whose data has been compromised tend to shut down within 6 months. It can be a very scary thought when you think that your business will be exposed to such dangers. Given the data breach dangers and hackers lurking around you need reliable backup and recovery solutions.

How can Advanced IT help?

For all types of small businesses, the cloud is extremely viable backup solution because of the reasonable and affordable costs and ease of use and management. There are several cloudbackup solutions for small business but choosing someone who can offer enhanced security is utmost important.

When we say that business data is in the cloud, you need to understand that it isn’t exactly in the cloud; it is in fact, saved in high-end data servers which have high storage capacity with remote servers and high speed internet connectivity.  When the business data is stored on these servers, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In case the local physical systems hard disk crashes you can easily retrieve the date from these high end servers.

However as a business you should give importance to the security module of these servers being offered by these data backup companies.  The services offered by Advanced IT are designed to sync all your business data and other folders for online collaboration. However, if you choose free servers, it is not given that they are going to protect the data, let alone the core system files. So as a business owner, you will need to have the security services in place and the provider should be able to offer a full-scale backup so that you can get your business back-up in case there has been a data loss or system crash or application malfunction.

For backup and recovery solutions you can depend on us because we ensure that you are given enhanced security for the business data along with extended support.  Our secured server offices are safe to store your data and that is why we are the best data backup company in CA. Give us a call if you are looking for exceptional data backup services.

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