The ideal HIPAA Compliance Solutions

There are several IT companies that offer and promise solutions but only few of them are compliant. Advanced IT follows a certain security metrics Grid that strictly follows HIPAA requirements and offers the best HIPAA compliance solutions. HIPAA requirements apply to every single kind of business or organization whether big or small. Today, they have become the industry standards and cannot be compromised because the business will be closed down or be penalized. When you partner with us, you will actually discover the wealth of detailed work and research along with world-class support.

When you conduct a basic search for HIPAA compliance solutions you will find thousands of results on any search engine. Unfortunately not all of them provide complete HIPAA solutions and only concentrate on a few areas. A compliance service is something that can provide total HIPAA compliance solutions without compromising on the finer aspects.

How Can We Provide HIPAA Solutions?

Advanced IT helps you with several aspects of HIPAA like compliant data storage, HIPAA compliant communication channels and more. Here are some benefits that you get with us:

  • There is a very thin line that can be broken when a breach of data or PHI occurs. A business can be fined heavily because they are not totally HIPAA compliant. To avoid such anomalies you can partner with us and we ensure that you are 100% HIPAA compliant even when audited by HHS or Health and Human Services.
  • A total HIPAA compliance consists of several aspects, like healthcare insurance and portability and accountability, privacy rules, security rules, and many more. Although many of these factors depend on the nature of your business, you need a good IT partner to take care of those finer aspects of HIPAA.
  • In order to be HIPAA compliant, your business needs to adhere to all the rules and not just the few main ones. The saying “One size does not fit all” is very true when it comes to HIPAA compliance Act.

Even though there are several companies that claim to be HIPAA compliant themselves and offer you solutions, you need to be sure that they are offering you the right solution.  A typical HIPAA compliance program takes more than 3 to 4 weeks to complete and definitely cannot be done online.  If you are looking for an efficient and proactive HIPAA compliance partner then just give us a call and our HIPAA experts will be there to assist you in the right way to ensure compliance.

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